Student Clubs

Clubs/associations and sports teams are established to bring students together in line with their academic, cultural, sports, artistic, and scientific needs during university life, to enable them to produce together. Additionally, historical and cultural trips, conferences, seminars, etc., are organized within the scope of cultural and artistic activities.

Club Application Form

Literature and Debate Club

The club aims to provide students with an objective and unbiased perspective, develop their reasoning skills, enable them to express themselves comfortably in society, and increase their general culture level.

Graduates are consulted for the club's beginner and advanced level training.





Entrepreneurship Club

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The aim is to inform students about entrepreneurship, activate their entrepreneurial potential, familiarize them with working life, prepare them for business life, and contribute to the university's social life by developing their friendships.







Coding Club

The coding club includes activities that will improve students' ability to think mathematically, cognitively, solve problems, and understand relationships between events.

The training aims to enable students to develop strategies to solve a problem and implement a project, use different perspectives and approaches while producing solutions, familiarize themselves with programming languages, and effectively use at least one authoring/programming language. The training is conducted by experts in their fields at our university.


Outdoor Sports Club

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It aims to instill environmental awareness in students, increase their connection with nature, organize training activities for those interested in outdoor sports, promote and develop outdoor sports, and educate individuals in these sports to have a healthier body and mind.

Nature walks are organized on existing hiking trails on the island to allow students to exercise outdoors, stay fit, socialize, and develop a habit of being in nature.




Fishing Club

Training is provided by experts to encourage sport fishing and to ensure that fishing is done in a planned manner within certain ethical rules.

In addition, information is provided on the protection of aquatic products, habitats, and nature.






Search and Rescue Society

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The aim of the club is to increase awareness about natural disasters among students and the community, minimize possible losses with pre-disaster precautions and correct interventions during emergencies. The activities of the Search and Rescue Society (AKUT) at our university are supported by the Civil Defense Organization of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and the International Universities Search and Rescue Council, of which our university is a member.