Scientific Research Projects

Short for BAP (Scientific Research Projects), it is a program developed to support scientific research at higher education institutions. ITU Scientific Research Projects unit is established to provide swift and comprehensive support for scientific research, ensuring efficient utilization of resources, and fostering innovation, creativity, and technological advancement in research activities. ITU-TRNC faculty members can apply to the ITU BAP Commission to obtain funding for their scientific research. The objectives of this unit are as follows:

Scientific Research ProjectsTo contribute to science on universal or national scales in the field, and to contribute to its technological, economic, social, and cultural development,

Scientific Research ProjectsTo support research projects with scientific content, within and/or outside the university, with the participation of national and/or international institutions or organizations,

Scientific Research ProjectsTo ensure the regular implementation, monitoring, and fulfilment of supported scientific research projects,

Scientific Research ProjectsTo develop measures and incentives that enhance the international publication of research results,

Scientific Research ProjectsThese are the fundamental goals of the Scientific Research Projects unit.

Details of Scientific Research Projects