ITU Northern Cyprus Women’s Research in Science, Engineering and Technology and Implementation Center

Founded on May 22, 2013, ITU Northern Cyprus Women’s Research in Science, Engineering and Technology and Implementation Center operates under ITU North Cyprus Rectorate. The centre aims to raise awareness in the society on issues of gender equality and to attract attention to problems encountered by women in the fields of science, engineering, technology and arts.


Authorized Personnel


Aslı ARİFOĞLU, an authorized personnel of ITU Northern Cyprus Women’s Research in Science, Engineering and Technology and Implementation Center; was born in Ankara in 1989. After graduating from Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus, Business Administration Department in 2012, she received a Master's degree in International Human Resources and Management from the University of Greenwich in England. Since October 2015, ARİFOOGLU has been working at ITU Northern Cyprus, Human Resources Directorate.



March 8,

8 mart kortej 1

ITU North Cyprus administrative personnel and English Preparatory School students along with non-governmental organizations and citizens joined in the march to celebrate 8 March International Women’s Day, organized by Famagusta Women Center (MAKAMER), which operates under Famagusta Municipality. The march, which was called “Join to fight for equality… All together to fight for gender equality’’, was from the Eastern Mediterranean University roundabout to Sakarya roundabout.


Women and Healthy Living Seminar

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A seminar on "Women and Healthy Living" was organized for ITU Northern Cyprus administrative and academic personnel, students and guests on Monday, December 01, 2014. ITU Mining Faculty Dean, Prof. Dr. Fatma Arslan and a member of ITU Science, Engineering and Technology at Women’s Studies and Application Center (BMT-KAIM), gave a speech on the fields of science and arts by emphasising the place of women in the society while the Dietitian Zaliha Kiraz reminded that obesity can trigger many diseases and emphasized the importance of adequate and balanced nutrition


Sexual Harassment-Sexual Abuse Training

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Training on "Sexual Harassment - Sexual Abuse" was given to the academic and administrative staff of ITU Northern Cyprus on January 28, 2014 by Turkish Cypriot Psychologists Association Specialists Psychologist Eşat TATLICALI. During this training, sexual assault and harassment issues in the workplace were discussed. In addition, the responsibilities of the employees and what to do when confronted with this situation are mentioned.

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