Health Report

According to the regulations in force in the TRNC, all international students residing temporarily are required to submit health reports for registration procedures. International students will upload the original laboratory test results (report and/or laboratory test results not older than two months) containing chest x-ray or lung biopsy for tuberculosis and HIV-HCV-HBSAG-RPR tests, obtained from full-fledged specialized or university hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, to the Student Automation System. The report/test result uploaded to the Student Automation System will be approved at the single physician fee specified in the current Health Institutions Fees Tariff Regulation of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. However, in cases where the Ministry requests additional tests due to positive results in the submitted report, the student will pay the full fee according to the fee schedule in the Health Institutions Fees Tariff Regulation. Students without a health report or with a report older than two months will process their health reports in the Student Permits Automation System to obtain a health report in the TRNC.


Health Insurance

Every student registered in TRNC higher education institutions, continuing their education and obtaining a student residence permit, regardless of their nationality, is required to pay up to 10% of the minimum wage for health insurance under the Health Fund Law No. 8/2012. They will deposit this amount to the account of the Ministry of Health of the TRNC via the Central Bank of the Cooperative through the Virtual POS belonging to the Student Residence Permits Automation System and after the deposit is completed, the System will direct the student to the next stage. TC and other national students paying premiums under the Health Fund Law can benefit from public health services for the year in which the premium is paid. Students who do not pay this premium will be subject to the full fee schedules when they apply to public health institutions and will make the necessary payments to the institution where they receive treatment. For detailed information, applications can be made to the Ministry of the Interior of the TRNC for residence permit applications, to the Ministry of Health of the TRNC for health insurance and health report issues, and to the Ministry of National Education and Culture of the TRNC for rules applicable to universities.