In today's world, where knowledge is the greatest power, the ITU libraries, utilized by academic and administrative staff, students, and members of allied institutions, constitute significant resources, databases, and collections for research, education, and learning activities. ITU-TRNC has access to the electronic database of ITU libraries, in addition to the local library of the Preparatory School of Foreign Languages.

According to the updated data of 2023, ITU Libraries possess a rich information-documentary asset, including over 1 million publications, with 564,923 e-books, 96,978 e-journals, 42,596 visual materials, 6,000 rare works, 7,500 maps, over 200 databases, and over 5 million electronic theses.

ITU Libraries

ITU Publishing

The mission of ITU Publishing is to ensure that ITU, which has played a historical role in the publishing of technical works, continues its technical publishing activities with the same efficiency and without interruption today as in the past. In accordance with the Istanbul Technical University Publication Regulations, ITU Publishing publishes printed or electronic textbooks for use in university courses, supplementary textbooks, research/investigation books that do not serve as coursebooks, scientific and cultural publications, symposium proceedings, and ITU Journals.