Istanbul Technical University (ITU) has been a pioneering educational institution for 250 years, with graduates who have reached the pinnacle of their careers both in Turkey and globally. With its distinguished academic staff, programs equivalent to international standards, and continuous contributions to scientific and technological advancements, ITU remains a leading educational institution. ITU offers its students a world-class education through innovations it has brought to Turkey and the world, extensive opportunities for scientific research, international education, and collaboration with the industry.

Until the construction of the campus buildings in Famagusta and Yeni Erenköy is completed, Preparatory Foreign Language Education will take place at ITU-TRNC Famagusta Campus, while undergraduate education will be conducted simultaneously at ITU-TRNC Famagusta Campus and ITU Istanbul Campuses.

Our students will be educated by experienced and professional instructors from Istanbul Technical University, one of the oldest universities in Turkey, and with the diploma they receive, they will have all the rights and privileges that ITU students possess.

Graduates from our university will start their professional lives and career planning one step ahead with the privilege of being an ITU graduate.