ITU North Cyprus

Famagusta Campus


ITU-TRNC Famagusta Campus is located in the center of Famagusta, which has a population of over 50,000 and is the easternmost city of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. Our campus, which is 600 meters away from Famagusta Port, is located at the point where the monumental walls intersect the central axis and is home to some important buildings with historical and cultural value. The Famagusta Campus, which includes the area that has been used as a state hospital for more than half a century, is in a very important location at the intersection point of the Varosha (Maraş) Region and the city's most important historical center, Walled City (Suriçi). The Preparatory School of Foreign Languages, Rectorate, Administrative Block A, Cafeteria, and Sports Hall are active structures at the Famagusta Campus.

In addition to educational buildings such as classrooms and laboratories, libraries, conference halls, dining halls, social and sports facilities for students will be built on the Famagusta Campus. All other educational, instructional, research, and development activities will take place at the Yeni Erenköy Campus.

Yeni Erenköy Campus


ITU-TRNC Yeni Erenköy Campus includes two valleys opening northeastward towards the sea and two bays located at their ends. The Campus, which is five minutes away from the center of Yeni Erenköy, is located very close to the villages of Dipkarpaz and Yeşilköy.

The mapping of the area where the campus will be located, geological ground study works, strategic and urban planning, and border fencing projects have been completed. In the planned campus, which is designed with the principle of preserving the forested areas on the land, the start of the administrative units, student center, cafeteria, market, guesthouse, and the 1st phase infrastructure projects is targeted to be initiated soon.

The Yeni Erenköy Campus, planned to have a capacity of approximately 6,000 students, is planned to be the main campus. Buildings for faculties, student dormitories, coastal structures, research and development centers, techno park areas, social-sports-cultural areas, and other necessary structures for activities will be constructed on the campus.

Continuous Education Center


ITU-TRNC Continuous Education Center (SEM) aims to bridge the gap between the business world and the university by providing our people, institutions, and organizations with all kinds of widespread education opportunities in individual and sectoral fields through its technological equipment, modern physical structure, and expert educators in ITU's field.

The Center aims to introduce the concept of 'Lifelong Learning' to individuals of all ages and professions by sharing constantly changing and renewing knowledge in the fields of science, technology, and industry with institutions and organizations.

In addition to individual and institutional, short and long-term training programs, SEM also offers programs, conferences, and seminars that will be useful for young people preparing to enter the workforce and individuals with sufficient experience in the business world for their careers and personal development.

All training programs are designed to combine theoretical and practical knowledge, and at the end of the training, participants are awarded a Participation Certificate or Certificate according to the training content.

ITU Student Development and Career Academy


The collaboration protocol for the establishment of the ITU Student Development and Career Academy, opened within the ITU-TRNC Education-Research Campuses, was signed in June 2021 between the Republic of Turkey Nicosia Embassy Education Counsellorship, TRNC Ministry of National Education and Culture Higher Education and External Relations Department, Cyprus Foundations Administration (EVKAF), and our University.

Within the scope of the protocol, it is ensured that activities such as free education practices, seminars, courses, conferences, congresses, exhibitions, domestic and international trips, and similar activities are planned and implemented in cooperation for students continuing their secondary, undergraduate, and postgraduate education in the TRNC. The Academy provides voluntary guidance and mentoring services to TRNC nationals studying in Turkey.