Frequently Asked Questions

What is the opening date and status of ITU-TRNC?

ITU-TRNC started its academic activities in the 2011-2012 Academic Year. The university is an autonomous and private legal entity which is academically and administratively affiliated with Istanbul Technical University, established through the approval of Istanbul Technical University-TRNC Education Research Campuses (Establishment, Duties, Operations, and Supervision) Law No. 38/2009 and the Framework Protocol for the Establishment of Istanbul Technical University's Education Research Campuses (ITU-TRNC) in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Law No. 5756.

Where is ITU-TRNC located?

ITU-TRNC has planned its activities in three different locations throughout the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

  • Famagusta Campus is located in the city center of Famagusta. It is 600 meters away from Famagusta Port and is located at the point where the historic walls meet the city center.
  • Yeni Erenköy Campus includes two valleys opening towards the northeast along the seaside, with two bays at their ends. The campus, mostly consisting of forested land, is five minutes away from the center of Yeni Erenköy. It has been planned as the main campus, and its urban design project has been completed.
  • Continuing Education Center is located north of Selimiye Mosque within the walls of Nicosia. It provides services with high-quality education programs alongside national and international artistic and cultural activities.

What are the registration conditions for ITU-TRNC?

Students of TR and TRNC nationalities, after graduating from high school or an equivalent institution, can register to our university through the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) with the results of the Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS). Additionally, TRNC citizens can apply to our university with the GCE A Level exam. Admission for international students is based on international exams. You can find detailed information about these exam types and scores at

Which undergraduate programs are available at your university?

Currently, there are 10 undergraduate programs at our university:

  1. Computer Engineeringi
  2. Electrical-Electronics Engineering
  3. Industrial Engineering
  4. Economics and Finance
  5. Architecture
  6. İInterior Architecture
  7. Maritime Business Administration
  8. Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering
  9. Marine Engineering
  10. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

How can I obtain detailed information about the programs?

You can find information about program details and quotas in our university introduction brochure at (The brochure will be updated when quota information is finalized.)

Where can I learn about the course schedules for undergraduate programs?

You can follow the course schedules of undergraduate programs at

What facilities are available at the Famagusta Campus?

ITU-TRNC has been providing smooth and fully equipped services to Preparatory School students at the Famagusta Campus since 2012, and this quality of service will continue to improve for the academic year 2023-2024.

Existing structures include the Rectorate Building, Preparatory School of Foreign Languages, Sports/Activity Hall, outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, and a cafeteria.

All the infrastructure, laboratories, and educational facilities required for undergraduate education will be set up with modern equipment to meet world standards before students begin their education. The infrastructure work is ongoing and will be completed soon. Additionally, new green areas are being created on campus for students to relax.

Where will the academic staff at ITU-TRNC be appointed from?

The academic staff at ITU-TRNC Campuses consists primarily of faculty members and staff working at ITU as required by the Establishment Law, academicians from TRNC and international academic experts.

Does ITU-TRNC have the education permission and authorization document issued by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey?

Yes. With the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, our students, while continuing their education at the Tuzla Campus using the facilities of ITU, have all the privileges associated with ITU’s Maritime Faculty.

When will the Yeni Erenköy Campus be opened?

The mapping of the regional land, geological ground studies, strategic and urban planning, and fencing projects have been completed. The campus, which will soon enter the planning stage, is envisioned to have a capacity of approximately 6000 students. The campus will encompass social facilities, cultural and sports areas, and accommodation infrastructure to accommodate all aspects of social and academic life.

Is it possible to enroll in undergraduate programs at your university without using the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM)?

Enrolling without using ÖSYM is possible only for TRNC and foreign nationals. Additionally, Turkish citizens who have completed their high school education abroad can also benefit from this option.

How can TRNC citizens apply for admission outside of ÖSYM?

For TRNC citizens, there is no separate exam, and they can apply for admission through international general exams outside of ÖSYM. Students can follow the specified dates under the "International Students" heading at or and complete their online applications.

Can I enroll at your university with additional quota?

Enrollment with additional quotas can be done at our university through ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) and DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam).

How is the registration process for international students at your university, and are there scholarship opportunities?

Our university has quotas for international students for each program, including full tuition, 50% scholarship, and full scholarship options. Candidates with the specified exam results and score ranges must apply online during the designated dates under the "International Students" section at

Is it possible to study at your university through Vertical Transfer (DGS)? What are the scholarship opportunities?

Graduates of the programs listed below can choose our university through DGS. Students admitted through DGS pay their tuition fees based on the scholarship status of the undergraduate programs they are placed in (full tuition, 50% scholarship, or full scholarship).

Undergraduate programs to which we can admit students through DGS.

Maritime Transportation Management Engineering

Marine Electronics

Maritime Communication

Maritime Management and Administration

Maritime Transportation and Operations

Port and Harbor Management

Port and Harbor Administaration


Marina Management

Marine Engineering

Computer-Aided Machinery

Computer-Aided Machinery-Drawing-Construction

Industrial Automation

Marine Engines

Marine Engineering Operations

Mechanical Engineering

Machine Oils and Lubrication Technology

Mechanical Engineering, Drawing, and Construction/Mechanical Drawing Construction



Automotive Design and Manufacturing

Automotive Technology

Thermal Power Plant Machinery

Transportation and Automotive

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Industrial Automation

Computer-Aided Machinery

Computer-Aided Machinery-Drawing-Construction

Naval Architecture

Marine Engines

Marine Engineering Operations

Mechanical Engineering

Machine Oils and Lubrication Technology

Mechanical Engineering, Drawing, and Construction Mechanical-Drawing-Construction



Automotive Design and Manufacturing

Automotive Technology

Thermal Power Plant Machinery

Transportation and Automotive

What are the horizontal transfer conditions from another university to ITU-TRNC?

It is possible to transfer to our university with the Central Placement Score and Academic Achievement Score. To transfer horizontally with the Central Placement Score, the student's central placement score in the year of registration must be equal to or higher than the base score of the department they want to transfer to. Horizontal transfer is possible, including the preparatory school. The score types for our programs are "SAY" and "EA". Students wishing to transfer with the Academic Achievement Score must be successful in all courses and have a General Average (CGPA) of 2.50 or above. Students can transfer with the Academic Achievement Score in the 3rd or 5th semester. Additionally, candidates, even if they have received preparatory education at their previous educational institutions, must pass English language proficiency exam held within our university or submit a document showing success in nationally or internationally accepted English language exams at the level determined by our university during the application. Applications are made between the dates specified at

What are the horizontal transfer conditions from ITU-TRNC to another university?

The minimum conditions determined by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) and the specific requirements set by the university where the horizontal transfer is desired are applicable for transferring from ITU-NCC to another university.

What are the horizontal transfer conditions from ITU-TRNC to ITU?

Internal horizontal transfer conditions apply, and in addition to the academic achievement score requirement (students can apply for horizontal transfer in the 3rd semester with a minimum CGPA of 3.00, and in the 5th semester with the achievement of program compatibility), the student's central placement score, valid as of the year they took the central exam, must not be lower than the minimum base score of the diploma programs of other universities in Turkey equivalent to the diploma program they want to transfer to, provided that program compatibility is achieved.

Does your university offer Double Major and Minor Programs? What are the application requirements?

ITU-TRNC Double Major Programs are as follows:

I. Major: ITU-TRNC Programs (Except for Electrical - Electronics Engineering Program)
II. Major: Computer Engineering

I. Major: Electrical - Electronics Engineering
II. Major: Computer Engineering

I. Major: Marine Engineering
II. Major: Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering

I. Major: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
II. Major: Marine Engineering

I. Major: Maritime Transportation Operation Engineering
II. Major: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

I. Major: Marine Engineering
II. Major: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

I. Major: Interior Architecture
II. Major: Architecture

I. Major: Architecture
II. Major: Interior Architecture

I. Major: Economics and Finance
II. Major: Maritime Business Administration

I. Major: Computer Engineering
II. Major: Industrial Engineering

I. Major: Economics and Finance
II. Major: Industrial Engineering

I. Major: Industrial Engineering
II. Major: Economics and Finance

I. Major: Maritime Business Administration
II. Major: Economics and Finance

I. Major: Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering
II. Major: Economics and Finance

I. Major: Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering
II. Major: Maritime Business Administration (After the 2022-2023 Fall Semester)

I. Major: Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering
II. Major: Maritime Business Administration (Between the 2015-2016 Fall Semester and 2022-2023 Fall Semester)

I. Major: Computer Engineering
II. Major: Electrical - Electronics Engineering

I. Major: Marine Engineering
II. Major: Electrical - Electronics Engineering

I. Major: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
II. Major: Electrical - Electronics Engineering

The Minor Programs are as follows:

Marine Engineering
Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Maritime Business Administration
Industrial Engineering
Interior Architecture
Economics and Finance
Computer Engineering
Architecture (for the Interior Architecture Program)

Applications are accepted between the dates specified at

If I transfer to your university through the DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) or Horizontal Transfer, how many courses will I be exempted from?

Exemptions (course equivalencies) are determined by the "Equivalency Commission" and the process is carried out in accordance with the "ITU Exemption and Equivalency Procedures Directive" (

Are your university undergraduate programs accredited?

Istanbul Technical University hosts 25 engineering undergraduate programs accredited by the International ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC). The ITU Department of Architecture is the first accredited architecture department in Turkey, thanks to accreditation granted by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).

Upon the graduation of our first students from ITU-TRNC Education Research Campuses engineering programs and the completion of our campuses, the necessary efforts for accreditation will be initiated rapidly. Furthermore, our students have the opportunity to take the 'Competent Engineering Exam' conducted by ITU, granting them the right to obtain a document with international recognition and the advantages provided by accreditation.

How many years is a degree education at your university?

As stated in the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) Guide, education at our university consists of a total of 5 years, including 1 year of preparatory education (Preparatory School of Foreign Languages) and 4 years of undergraduate program.

What are the rules for deferring enrolment at your university? Is there a fee for it?

The procedures for deferring enrolment (being on leave) are carried out in accordance with the ITU-TRNC Deferral of Enrolment, Penal Enrolment, and Enrolment Deletion Rules and Principles, which can be found at


The student's petition and reasons for requesting a deferral of enrolment are negotiated by the ITU-TRNC Board of Directors, and it is determined whether and how the request will be granted or denied. A minimum fee is charged for each semester in which enrolment is deferred.

I am a preparatory school student. I want to defer my enrollment. What should I do? What are my rights?

All students enrolled at our university have the right to defer their enrollment in accordance with the ITU-TRNC Deferral of Enrollment, Penal Enrollment, and Enrollment Deletion Rules and Principles. The deferral period for preparatory school is one Academic Year, covering both the Fall and Spring semesters. A student on deferral cannot take exams, and even if they take external exams, the results will not be accepted.

Are there plans to open new programs at ITU-TRNC in the upcoming terms?

There are no plans to open any undergraduate programs for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

Do you have specific admission requirements/criteria for your university?

For programs related to Maritime Studies (Maritime Transportation Engineering and Marine Engineering), students who will enroll in the definitive registration must submit a health report from the General Directorate of Border and Coastal Health stating "Seafarer Health Examination Document" instead of a regular health report. They are required to meet the conditions specified in the "Qualifications for Being a Seafarer" outlined in the Maritime Personnel Regulation and its relevant amendments (Official Gazette dated August 23, 2012, No. 28390), instead of the general health requirements. Students in the Maritime Transportation Engineering and Marine Engineering Programs are required to wear uniforms according to the "Regulation on Clothing Specific to Mariners," and they are responsible for obtaining the uniforms.

What are the tuition fees at your university?

For the 2023-2024 Academic Year, the tuition fee is 125,000.00 TL + 5% VAT (131,250.00 TL) for Turkish citizens and 10,000 US Dollars + 5% VAT (10,500 USD) for international students. In addition to the tuition fee, all students enrolling in the university for the first time, are required to pay a "Registration Fee" of 5,000 TL (including VAT) whether they are scholarship recipients or not. In the case of online education, students are responsible for obtaining the necessary books. Accommodation services are not included in the tuition fee. Accordingly, the annual total tuition fee for Preparatory School students, amounting to 136,250.00 TL, can be paid either in full at the time of registration or in two equal installments during the Fall and Spring semesters.


Registration Status

Full Scholarship for Turkish and TRNC Citizens

50% Scholarship for Turkish Citizens

No Scholarship for Turkish Citizens (Full Tuition)

1st Semester (Fall)

5.000,00 TL


37.812,50 TL


70.625,00 TL

2nd Semester (Spring)



32.812,50 TL


65.625,00 TL


5.000,00 TL


70.625,00 TL


136.250,00 TL








With the condition of being admitted to full-tuition programs, a 25% discount is applied to the tuition fee of the program for students who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (KKTC) and/or are the children of ITU-TRNC employees/retirees, and/or if two siblings enroll in the same semester and/or if one sibling enrolls before the other graduates. (This scholarship only covers students admitted to full-tuition programs, and even if a student meets criteria for more than one scholarship, they can only benefit from one). To benefit from the TRNC citizen discount, a photocopy of the identity card (the original will be presented during registration) is required. To benefit from the Employee/Retiree children discount, a Work Certificate from ITU-TRNC and a civil registration record is required. To benefit from the sibling discount, a civil registration record must be presented.

How can I obtain the books for the English Preparatory School?

The list of books to be used in the ITU-North Cyprus Preparatory School of Foreign Languages will be announced to students at the beginning of the semester.

How many types of scholarships are available at your university, and under what conditions can a scholarship be terminated?

Our university offers 100% and 50% scholarship opportunities. The scholarships provided to students placed in these programs are not terminated for up to one year in the preparatory school and up to five years in the undergraduate program (provided that the student continues their education and attends classes). If the specified duration of the undergraduate program is exceeded, the student transitions from the "scholarship" status to the "full-tuition" program status.

What kind of diploma will be obtained upon graduation from ITU-TRNC?

Graduates of ITU-TRNC Educational Research Campuses receive a diploma with the signatures of the ITU Rector and the Chairman of the ITU-TRNC Board of Directors. Students who successfully complete their undergraduate education will be entitled to receive an Istanbul Technical University diploma with all the rights and privileges. The diploma includes the ITU-TRNC notation, and graduates are entitled to all rights granted to graduates of higher education institutions in Turkey. The notation 'İTÜ-KKTC' is included on the diploma, and the graduates are entitled to all rights granted to higher education graduates in Turkey.

What is the language of instruction at the university?

The language of instruction at our university is English. The Preparatory School of Foreign Languages located at the Gazimağusa Campus is dedicated to preparing students for undergraduate programs in the best way possible.

Is the English preparatory class mandatory?

If a student has taken one of the following exams and achieved the minimum required score in the last 2 (two) years, they are not required to take the ITU English Proficiency Exam. The student can begin their courses in the faculty once they provide documentation of this during the definitive registration.


ITU Proficiency Exam


PTE Academic *







In accordance with the decision of University Senate No: 808 on 27.07.2022, TOEFL IBT Special Home Edition exam results will not be accepted as of the Spring Semester of the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

Is attendance mandatory in the English preparatory class?

Attendance is mandatory in the ITU-TRNC Preparatory School of Foreign Languages. At the beginning of each academic year, an attendance limit is determined on a semester basis for each program (the weekly course load may vary between programs). Students who exceed this limit in the Fall Semester become 'absent' and are not allowed to attend classes in the Spring Semester. They also lose the right to take the Proficiency Exams held at the end of the Fall and Spring Semesters. Similarly, students who exceed this limit in the Spring Semester lose the right to take the first Proficiency Exam held at the end of the Spring Semester.

How can I access detailed information about the education provided at the Foreign Languages Preparatory School?

All kinds of information and announcements regarding the Preparatory School of Foreign Languages can be found at

Is there a uniform requirement at your university?

In our university, uniforms are mandatory for the departments of Maritime Transportation and Engineering and Marine Engineering departments. Students are responsible for obtaining their uniforms.

Do I need to obtain a seafarer's health report?

Students who will undergo education in the Maritime Transportation Engineering and Marine Engineering departments are required to obtain a "Fit for Seafarer" health report before starting their education. The obtained report is certified at the Border and Coastal Health General Directorate centers to obtain the "Seafarer Health Examination Document."

Do you have associate's and master's degree programs at your university?

We do not have associate's degree programs at our university. We offer a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program (without thesis) as a graduate program.

How are military service procedures handled at your university?

Military Recruitment Offices monitor all information regarding the status of students (Turkish citizens) through YÖKSİS, the student automation system connected to all universities. Military service procedures can be carried out through the e-Government portal.

For the Military Recruitment Offices in TRNC, necessary information regarding the status of TRNC citizens is provided by the university Student Affairs Directorate based on interest letters/requests received from the TRNC Ministry of National Education and Culture at certain intervals.

What are the accommodation options at your university?

There is no university-owned dormitory at our university. However, there are private dormitories and houses/apartment options available near the campus that can be rented.

Are there places on campus where students can have meals?

Our students can find food at the canteen-cafeteria located within the campus boundaries. The campus canteen-cafeteria offers main and side dish options that are budget-friendly for students. Additionally, due to the convenient location of the Gazimağusa Campus, students can easily meet all their needs from various shops, markets, and shopping centers both within and outside the walled city.

How is transportation to the campus provided?

The transportation between the student's dormitory and the campus is provided free of charge by our university.

What cultural, sports, and entertainment facilities are available on campus for social activities?

There is a volleyball court and a fitness room with various cardio equipment on the campus.

Social and cultural trips and activities that support students' personal development are organized. Additionally, seminars, conferences, and social responsibility projects that contribute to both personal and professional development are also conducted.

Will students enter the TRNC with a passport or an identity card?

Students who will study in the TRNC are required to enter the country with a passport. Therefore, students must obtain their passports in their home countries before coming to the TRNC.

Is a health report required during registration?

Yes, according to the regulations in effect in the TRNC, all international students temporarily residing in the country must present health reports for their registration procedures. International students will upload the original laboratory test results, including a chest X-ray or lung graph for tuberculosis and HIV-HCV-HBSAG-RPR tests, obtained from a fully equipped specialized or university hospital affiliated with the Turkish Ministry of Health (with the condition that the report and/or the date of the laboratory test result is not older than two months) to the Student Automation System. The uploaded report/test result in the Student Automation System will be approved by the TRNC Ministry of Health based on the single physician fee specified in the current Health Institutions Fees Tariff Regulation. However, in cases where the Ministry requests additional tests due to positive results in the submitted report, the student will pay the full fee according to the fee schedule regulated in the Health Institutions Fees Tariff Regulation. Students without a health report or with a report older than two months will process the health report in the TRNC through the Student Permits Automation System.

Is health insurance required? How can it be obtained?

Every Turkish or international student registered in the TRNC higher education institutions, continuing their education, and will obtain a student residence permit, is required to make a payment equivalent to 10% of the minimum wage for health insurance under Law No. 8/2012 on the Health Fund. This payment should be made through the Student Residence Permits Automation System via virtual post of the Cooperative Central Bank to the account of the TRNC Ministry of Health. After the payment process is completed, the system will guide the student to the next step. Students of Turkish and other nationalities who pay premiums under the TRNC Health Fund Law can benefit from public health services for the paid year. Students who do not pay this premium and apply to public health institutions will be subject to full fee schedules at their own expense and will make the necessary payments to the treatment facility. For detailed information, inquiries about residence permit applications can be directed to the TRNC Ministry of Interior, health insurance and health report inquiries to the TRNC Ministry of Health, and inquiries about the rules applicable to universities to the TRNC Ministry of National Education and Culture.

Will students need to obtain a visa and residence permit when entering the TRNC?

In accordance with the TRNC immigration law, all students, both citizens of the Republic of Turkey and other countries, are required to obtain a student permit. All necessary procedures are carried out through the TRNC Ministry of Interior's online student residence permit portal. Online student residence permit portal:

What do students need to do regarding passport procedures when entering the TRNC?

Students must have a passport with a validity of at least one year before entering the TRNC. The necessary documents for obtaining a fee-exempt student passport are provided during the registration process for first-time registered students. In addition, Turkish citizens can find all the information regarding passport procedures they may need to perform during their stay in the TRNC on the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Nicosia.

If my passport application process is still ongoing, can I enter the country without a passport?

If you have not completed your passport application process, you can enter the country with your Identity Card. You can stay in the country until the duration of stay given to you upon entry. If you exceed the allowed stay, a daily financial penalty will be applied.

How is transportation to the TRNC provided?

There are regular daily flights from major cities in Turkey to the TRNC. The flight duration to the TRNC is approximately 70 to 75 minutes from Istanbul and Izmir, 50 minutes from Ankara, and only 30 minutes from Adana and Antalya. All flights arrive at and depart from Ercan State Airport.

In addition, there are regular ferry and sea bus services from Girne and Gazimağusa ports to Mersin, Antalya, and Taşucu ports. Turkish citizens can enter the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus with their ID cards or passports.

In the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, traffic moves on the left side of the road.

How is transportation provided from the airport to the campus?

Transportation from Ercan Airport to all cities in the TRNC is provided by the Cyprus Airports Service (KIBHAS LTD

Transportation to Gazimağusa can be easily and economically done with the KIBHAS service (you can find the service hours at It is also possible to come to the campus from Ercan Airport by private taxi.

Is there internet connection on the campus? How can wireless connection be established?

Our campus has a computer laboratory where students can conduct research and study. Students can benefit from the computer laboratory, and there is also wireless internet access available on the campus.

What is the official language of the TRNC?

The official language of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus is Turkish. English is also widely used.

What is the currency used in the TRNC?

The currency used in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus is the Turkish Lira. The use of Sterling, Euro, and Dollar is also common.

How is mobile phone communication provided in the TRNC?

Before coming to the TRNC, mobile phones should be enabled for international calls. However, when using a Turkish mobile phone line in the TRNC, it is advised to select one of the TRNC GSM operators upon arrival, as international call (roaming) rates apply, which may be more economical.