A collaboration protocol has been signed between ITU-TRNC Education- Research Campuses and Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) with the aim of promoting, developing, and supporting mutual cooperation and collaborative work in all areas of education and teaching.

The protocol was signed by Prof. Dr. Murat SARI, Rector of ITU-TRNC and Prof. Dr. Hasan KILIÇ, Rector of EMU on Wednesday, February 7, 2024 at the ITU-TRNC Rectorate. During the signing ceremony, Associate Prof. Dr. Betül EKİMCİ, Advisor to the Rector of ITU-TRNC, and General Secretary Dursun KOÇ, along with Prof. Dr. Sonuç ZORLU, Vice Rector of EMU, and Deputy General Secretary Kazım HAKVERDİ were present.

According to the collaboration protocol signed between the two universities, collaborations in scientific, educational, and administrative fields, exchanges of administrative staff, students, faculty members, and researchers, mutual sharing of information, exchange of academic publications and scientific documents for educational and research purposes, joint curriculum activities such as summer schools and diploma programs, certified training in academic and scientific fields, language education, in-service courses, workshops, meetings, congresses, conferences, and symposiums, extracurricular activities such as scientific and technical trips, joint work in the fields of culture, art, and sports, projects, competitions, festivals, as well as efforts and activities for the promotion of both universities at both national and international levels, and initiating efforts for the establishment of joint programs were agreed upon by both universities.