Duyuru 3In the Fall Semester of 2021-2022 Academic Year, we are starting education with 5 new programs which has been approved by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

Our undergraduate programs that will accept students in the Fall Semester of the Academic Year 2021-2022;


PROGRAMS Nationality Full Scholarship 50% Scholarship No Scholarship
Computer Engineering TRNC + International 2 2 6
Electrical and Electronics Engineering TRNC + International 2 2 6
Economics and Finance TRNC + International 2 2 6
Architecture TRNC + International 2 2 6
Maritime Business Management TRNC + International 2 2 6
Maritime Transportation Management Engineering TRNC + International 3 5 10
Marine Engineering TRNC + International 3 5 10
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering TRNC + International 3 5 10
TOTAL 19 25 60

The annual tuition fee is 7,500 $. Our students who completed their English preparatory education at ITU Northern Cyprus Famagusta Campus will continue their undergraduate education at ITU's campuses in Istanbul, in their own faculties for each program, until the construction work on the campus is completed in TRNC. Our students will benefit from all educational and social infrastructure opportunities used by Istanbul ITU students.

The dormitories of our university will be completed within the scope of the campus construction work. Moreover, there are private dormitories that we cooperate, located close to our campus. There are also detached houses/apartments that our students can rent at affordable prices.

The transportation of our students between the dormitory and campus is covered by the shuttle route created by our university at the beginning of each Academic Year in line with the locations where students stay. Our students can meet their needs for food from the canteen - cafeteria located within the boundaries of the campus.

We invite university candidates who want to have the privilege of ITU, have an international career plan and are ambitious for the future, to become a part of the ITU-TRNC family.