Istanbul Technical University, the university of firsts and beginnings, continues to be one of Turkey’s and the world’s leading technical universities with its history and experience. ITU is on its way to its 250th year, targeting to be “the world’s best” around the vision it has drawn.


It is possible to see the signature of ITU behind many firsts in the technical domain in Turkey. Many firsts in Turkey in the field of technology and engineering such as the making of the first television broadcast, the establishment of the first university radio, the first use of a computer in a university, the first domestic communications satellite, the first domestic helicopter, and the making of the first domestic autonomous automobile were carried out by ITU.


As Istanbul Technical University, we have already started a series of activities to celebrate our 250th year, which we will turn in 2023. “250th Year Logo Competition” is one of the starting points of these activities.


With the “250th Year” logo, we aim to emphasize ITU's history while also revealing its modern and future-oriented aspect. In the logo to be designed for this purpose, ITU's corporate colors can be used, as well as being inspired by our corporate logo to a certain extent. The “250th Year” logo will be used in all media along with the corporate logo throughout 2023, the 250th anniversary of the establishment of ITU.


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