The traditional End-of-Year Meeting, an annual assessment event focusing on academic achievements and institutional accomplishments of Istanbul Technical University, was held at ITU Ayazağa Campus, Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center on December 28, 2023. At the End-of-Year Meeting, where academic and institutional accomplishments of ITU in its 250th year were assessed, the year 2024 was declared as the "Year of Global Impact.”

Following a music performance organized by Istanbul Technical University's Turkish Music State Conservatory (TMDK), ITU Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail KOYUNCU provided a comprehensive presentation on the events and activities of the year 2023. He emphasized that 2023 was a year that particularly focused on education, research, ranking, and sustainability activities, as well as a year full of ITU’s 250th Anniversary Events.

During the End-of-Year Meeting, Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail KOYUNCU expressed appreciation for the successful efforts of the ITU-TRNC Campus Executive Board members. He presented plaques of appreciation to ITU-TRNC Board Chairperson and Rector Prof. Dr. Murat SARI, ITU-TRNC Board Members Prof. Dr. Bülent GÜLOĞLU, Prof. Dr. Şule Itır SATOĞLU, Prof. Dr. Ali DENİZ, Prof. Dr. Erol KAM, Revin GÜRLER, Kemal ŞÖFÖROĞLU, and Rapporteur/ Secretary General, Dursun KOÇ.

At the meeting, ITU academics who made a mark in the scientific community with their research and achievements throughout the year, and the coordinators, offices and commissions that contributed to the institutional success of ITU were given plaques of appreciation.