Marine Engineering

This program includes the AIII/1 and AIII/2 curriculum programs specified in the Regulation on Seafarers by the Republic of Turkey. Students receive fundamental engineering training alongside theoretical and practical education in ship main engines (diesel engines, steam turbines, gas turbines, etc.), auxiliary ship engines (boilers, pumps, separators, compressors, evaporators, etc.), and electrical electronics and ship automation. They will reach a level where they can follow international literature.

The program provides education in the conditions required for Distant Voyage Engineer / Chief Engineer, which is in demand in the national and international maritime sector.

Students in this program, in addition to their 4year theoretical and practical education, also undergo a 12month practical maritime training, enabling them to participate in the "Long Voyage Engineer" exams organized by the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs Seafarers Exam Center (GASM).

Upon graduation, our alumni can work in various positions in different sectors, including but not limited to:
Maritime companies
Offshore platforms
Ship engine manufacturing companies
Energy production facilities
Ship engine maintenance and repair companies

In public institutions and organizations, as well as various sectors, maritime enterprises and factories