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ITU North Cyprus Acquaintance Meeting and Orientation, targeting to help the new coming students with their adaptation process to the university life, was held on September 17, 2018 at Famagusta Campus.


As a part of 2018-2019 Academic Year Orientation Day, ITU North Cyprus School of Foreign Languages Vice Coordinator İrem BAILIE gave a presentation and answered the questions of the students about the education at English Preparatory School.


Dr. Cemil YURTÖREN, Advisor to the Rector and Lecturer shared some information with students, who recently joined to ITU North Cyprus Family, about ITU North Cyprus and their undergraduate education and wished them success.


ITU North Cyprus Directorate of Student Affairs, Directorate of Institutional Relations and Communication, Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports personnel introduced themselves to students and gave information about their duties.


2018-2019 ITU North Cyprus Orientation Day ended with historical and cultural Famagusta trips.