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Uluslararasi Universiteler Arama Kurtarma Oyunlari 2016 Basladi 1International Universities Search and Rescue Games 2016, which has been planned for 2 years, started in METU-NCC with a meeting and an opening ceremony on 24 April 2016, Sunday, in collaboration with International Universities Search and Rescue Council and Ministry of Civil Defense.


Competitions will last 4 days and take place in 5 different stages (Rescue from Debris, Target Discovery, Rescue from Car Accident and First Aid, Overhead Line Rescue, and Nightlong Tracing on the Openfield) in Esentepe Civil Defence Leisure Center. The first stage of the competition, which our university’s Search and Rescue team members also attended, was “to rescue somebody from wreckage”. It was completed on 25 April 2016, on Monday.


The games, which will take place with 20 universities from 11 countries, will end on 29 April 2016, Friday, with an award ceremony in Ministry of Civil Defense Headquarters.