Student clubs are opened every year in order to support our students’ personal development, to encourage them to develop their talents and help them spend their time efficiently with socio-cultural and sports activities.

Along with student clubs opened under the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports, broad spectrum of arts and cultural events are also organized.

Student Clubs

1- Music Club


3- Water Sports Club

4- Martial Arts Club

5- Fitness Club

6- Table Tennis Club

7- Outdoor Sports

8- Speaking Club

9- ITU Alumni Association

10- Futbol Team

11- Basketbol Team

12- E-Game Club


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Famagusta Campus: Transportation; Municipal buses, public buses and taxis are the transportation options in the city. Besides, our students are provided with free bus service at 8:30 and 16:30.


Social Facilities: There is a fitness center, a student activity center and outdoor basketball and volleyball courts on the campus.


Dormitories: There are private dormitories within walking distance from the campus.


Yenierenköy Campus: Yenierenköy campus, which is five minutes away the town centre, consists of two coves and is mostly forestland.