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In-service Training Agreement Signed Between ITU-TRNC and KIB-TEK

ITU-TRNC Education- Research Campuses and Cyprus Turkish Electricity Institution (KIB-TEK) have signed an in-service training agreement.


ITU-TRNC Education- Research Campuses Secretary General Dursun KOÇ and KIB-TEK General Director Gürcan ERDOĞAN signed the agreement on January 26th, 2018 Friday at KIB-TEK’s Head Offices. KIB-TEK Executive Board Chairman Hasan Çetin ERÇEN attended the signing ceremony. According to the agreement, KIB-TEK personnel will receive “Professional English Course” from ITU-TRNC’s Continuing Education Center between January 31st and July 26th 2018.


The trainings will continue for six months at ITU-TRNC Continuing Education Center Building and School of Foreign Languages in Famagusta. At the end of the course, successful trainees will receive a certificate of achievement.