Industrial Engineering

In today's business environment, increasing efficiency, effective use of resources, developing new products and business models that will increase income, digitization, research and development (R&D), and innovation are among the most critical issues for enterprises.

Our Industrial Engineering Program ensures that students receive the best education in this direction, graduating with the ability to use the most uptodate knowledge and technologies that can enhance the success of businesses.

Upon completing their education, our students actively contribute to the examination, organization, execution, monitoring, and development of systems in the industrial and service sectors, which consist of factors such as human, machine, material, information, and capital. They propose new system models and methods, foresee problems that may arise in these mechanisms in advance, and provide alternatives for solutions.

Our graduates can begin their careers in various positions in hightech manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications, energy, tourism, health, food, automotive, and other diverse sectors. They may pursue careers in:
Innovation and business development,
Strategic management,
Quality management,
Human resources,
Production planning and control,
Research and development (R&D),
Supply chain and logistics management,
Project planning,
Management consulting,
Human factors engineering,
Data analytics,
Artificial intelligence and information systems management.

Students enrolled in our program, accredited by ABET, acquire the necessary skills to comfortably practice their profession internationally. This enables them to pursue engineering or academic endeavors worldwide, providing a solid foundation for their careers or further studies around the globe.