Maritime Business Administration

Maritime Business Administration is a bachelor's program aiming to educate competent individuals in global maritime and shipping industries, focusing on ship management, ship financing or brokerage, maritime law, logistics and supply chain management.

The program aims to produce graduates who can identify and solve maritime management problems by applying principles of management sciences. These individuals are equipped to meet the needs of maritime stakeholders, while also being aware of professional and ethical responsibilities in maritime management practices, and can analyze and interpret data.

Graduates of this program can hold positions in both private and public sectors related to maritime, transportation, logistics, foreign trade, and maritime tourism. In the maritime sector, they can work in various fields such as:
Ship operators
Transport agents
Ship agents
Ship brokers
Transportation contractors
Ship provision and supply businesses
Maritime insurance companies
Ports and terminals
Yacht and marina operations
Employment in shipyards

Moreover, they can take on middle and upperlevel managerial roles in international trade and logistics companies and work in the public sector within the maritime ministries and/or affiliated institutions of countries, as well as other ministries and state institutions related to maritime.