Dormitories with Special Price Requests and Their Features

Our students carry out the process of dormitory selection and settlement themselves. In Famagusta, there are private dormitories and apartments that can be rented close to the campus.

However, in order to provide convenience to students who will study at the Preparatory School in the 2021-2022 Academic Year, our university has demanded discounted prices from some dormitories.

Dormitories with price agreements and their features are listed in the table below, and students can contact the dormitory authorities to make a deal with the dormitory that meets their criteria.

Famagusta Campus: Transportation; Municipal buses, public buses and taxis are the transportation options in the city. Besides, our students are provided with free bus service at 8:30 and 16:30.


Social Facilities: There is a fitness center, a student activity center and outdoor basketball and volleyball courts on the campus.


Dormitories: There are private dormitories within walking distance from the campus.


Yenierenköy Campus: Yenierenköy campus, which is five minutes away the town centre, consists of two coves and is mostly forestland.