It was established to approve, evaluate, support and monitor scientific research projects.

The main objectives of scientific research projects unit are:

To support scientific research projects which are expected to contribute to the related subject matter nationwide and worldwide and to the progress of the country in fields of technology, economy, society and culture, carried out by institutions both in and outside the university and the country,

To identify high priority research topics that are relevant to the scientific policy of the university and to set a budget for them,

To help the supported scientific research projects to be managed, monitored and finalised regularly,

To develop measures and incentives to help turn research results into publishable articles in international journals.

Number of Libraries: 8

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Number of Laboratories: 372

Number of Maritime laboratories: 24


Students can easily access the database of the laboratories. They can use “key words” on the website and reach the profile page of the laboratory. By using the contact details on Laboratory Profile page, they can communicate with responsible lecturers to get information about the infrastructure of the laboratory and have tests, experiments and measurements carried out.