Interior Architecture

The Interior Architecture program integrates theoretical knowledge and experiences about interior design with practical applications. It aims to train interior architects who can produce fast and easily applicable solutions in their professional lives and develop them further.

During the first three semesters of the fouryear education period, students take common courses with other programs in the Faculty of Architecture. They complete a significant portion of their education in studios where they can interact on a onetoone basis with academics. This allows them to gradually form their own approach to interior design and exhibit their designs in various places throughout the year. Upon successfully completing their education and obtaining the title of "interior architect," our graduates can take on roles in the design and implementation stages of interior renovation projects for buildings or in the interior arrangements of newly designed buildings.

Our graduates can work in various areas, including:
Creating public or personal spaces
Analyzing detailed and largescale projects
Participating in projects that involve the refunctioning of buildings with historical value
Taking on roles in the construction materials sector

With their comprehensive and versatile perspective on interior architecture gained through their education, students can gain experience in the production and marketing of interior architecture products in their professional lives, thanks to new approaches and modern technologies.