The ITU-TRNC Architecture program, established as the first "Digital Architecture" program at the undergraduate level in Turkey and TRNC, comprehensively addresses the stages of design, analysis, planning, production, and reuse in conjunction with contemporary digital technologies. It not only focuses on the competent use of digital technological tools and software in architectural professional practice but also aims to cultivate students who possess technical knowledge and insight into how these technologies and mathematical methods are generated and can be developed.

The program places a special emphasis on incorporating computer technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics into the design, analysis, planning, and production processes. It is supported by a curriculum that centers on this focus, has adequate technical infrastructure, and is led by a team of expert faculty members.

Our students will be equipped with the skills to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams on largescale projects such as social innovation, prototype development, and software production and improvement.

Our graduates can take on roles in national and international architectural offices, construction firms, material and system manufacturers, as well as municipal and relevant ministries in their respective countries. They may serve as:
Designer architect,
Practicing architect,
Site project architect,
Software specialist architect,
Restoration architect.

Furthermore, graduates can open their own offices and work in both national and international architecture offices, construction companies, material and system manufacturers, and relevant municipal and ministry positions. They can also explore opportunities in project and construction firms, architecture software companies, university research and development units, and a broad range of fields, from video games to virtual reality applications, thanks to computersupported architectural education.

The ITU Architecture Department is the first accredited architecture program in Turkey thanks to accreditation provided by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). The NAAB "substantial equivalency" certificate signifies that the program is equivalent to architecture bachelor's and master's programs in the United States.