Istanbul Technical University has been a leading institution in education, science and technology for 248 years with its graduates who have reached the top of their careers in Turkey and in the world, qualified academic staff, and departments with international equivalence. ITU offers a world-class education to its students with the innovations it has introduced to Turkey and to the world, the wide range of opportunities it offers in scientific research and education abroad, and its cooperation with other universities.

In ITU-TRNC Education and Research Campuses, English Preparatory School education continues at ITU-TRNC Famagusta Campus and undergraduate education continues at Istanbul Technical University's Maslak, Tuzla, Taşkışla and Maçka campuses until the completion of all İTU-TRNC campuses.

Our students will be taught by the experienced and professional professors of Istanbul Technical University, one of the most established universities in Turkey, and they will have all the rights and authorities of ITU students with the diploma they will receive.

Our graduates will get a head start in their professional life and career planning with their diplomas and the privilege of being an ITU graduate.


• With its history of over 248 years, ITU-TRNC is the one and only address in North Cyprus for Istanbul Technical University’s high quality education programs…

• Famagusta and Yeni Erenkoy Campus Projects that aim to accommodate all aspects of life with their social facilities, cultural and sports arenas, accommodation infrastructures, etc…

• The advantages it offers to its graduates with its accreditations and with the privilege of ITU diploma.


Undergraduate Programs

• Computer Engineering

• Electrical and Electronics Engineering

• Economy and Finance

• Architecture

• Maritime Business Management

• Maritime Transportation Management Engineering

• Marine Engineering

• Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


Undergraduate Programs which are planned to be opened

• Civil Engineering

• Mechanical Engineering

• Artificial and Robotics Engineering

• Mathematical Engineering

• Industrial Engineering