Operating in accordance with ITU School of Foreign Languages, and following our university’s general vision and mission, ITU-TRNC Preparatory School of Foreign Languages aims to teach English to future technology leaders; entrepreneurs in fields of science, technology, social sciences, and the arts. Furthermore, our school aims to pave the way for our students to be responsible, confident individuals, and be able to communicate confidently with the help of education they received at the Preparatory School even long after starting their departments. In this regard, aim of the language education program is to help students gain language skills; equip them with necessary skills to compete on national and international levels and to be creative individuals representing modern values in fields of social sciences and art as well as engineering, architecture and science education.


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Undergraduate Programs: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Maritime Transportation Management Engineering, and Marine Engineering


Students: As of the 2020-2021 Academic Year, the number of students has reached 473.


Academic Staff: Academic staff teaching at Istanbul Technical University