The MBA program accepts graduate students regardless of the programs they completed. This program is implemented under ITU Graduate School of Social Sciences and ITU Senate decisions are applied.

All applicants must possess the following qualifications:

  • Graduate diploma from any graduate program,
  • Proof of English proficiency (required for MBA program in English)

Recognized exams and minimum scores are:

 - ITU Proficiency Exam: 55

 - YDS: 55

 - e-YDS: 55

 - YÖKDİL: 55

 - TOEFL (IBT): 70

 - PTE (Academic): 60

  • ALES is not required.

Tuition Fee:

  • 1000 TL for each credit (each lecture 4.000 TL)
  • Seminar and Term Project cost one lecture (4.000 TL)
  • There is no extra fee for registration and renewal of registration
  • VAT is included.
  • Health insurance fees will be paid to Ministry of Health by the students.
  • Courses will start if required number of students enrolled.
  • The courses will be carried out on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at the Continuing Education Center in Nicosia.
  • Groups of minimum 5 people and people who work in institutions ITU North Cyprus has a mutual agreement with will receive 20% discount.


  • Turkish nationals and North Cyprus nationals: 30
  • International students: 10

In case of insufficient number of students, decision to open the program or not is up to the decisions of the Executive Board of ITU North Cyprus.  

Student admission and courses will begin in April, 2020 (only for this year). In the following years, ITU Academic Calendar (decided by Graduate School of Social Sciences) will be followed for admissions.

Registration Procedure: Application Form

Application Documents:

  • Two passport photos
  • Diploma and official transcript of the undergraduate degree showing all courses and grades (transcripts must be signed and stamped)
  • Certificate of Competency for the English MBA Program
  • Statement of Purpose (about the student’s expectations from the program and the area that s/he applies to study)
  • Reference letter
  • Passport/ID Photocopy
  • CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Evaluation of Applications:

Applications are evaluated by the Program Executive Board in order to decide on their acceptance or rejection. Application result is sent to the e-mail address provided in the application form.

Non-Thesis Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program Courses

Compulsory Courses Credit ECTS
1. Semester
Managerial Economics 4 4
Financial Accounting 4 4
Management and Organization 4 4
Research Methods in Business 4 4
2. Semester
Marketing Management in Global Context 4 4
Business Law 4 4
Financial Investments 4 4
Global Corporate Strategy 4 4
Seminar 0 4
3. Semester
Elective Course 4 4
Elective Course 4 4
Elective Course 4 4
Term Project 0 4

      Total Credit: 44      Total ECTS: 52

Elective Courses Credit ECTS
Behavior and Leadership in Organizations 4 4
Enterprise Risk Management 4 4
New Product Development in Global Context 4 4
Entrepreneurship 4 4
Industrial Business and Sustainable Development 4 4
Operations Management 4 4
Applications of Big Data Analytics 4 4
E-Commerce and Digital Business Models 4 4

Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Lütfihak ALPKAN ITU Department of Management Engineering

Prof. Dr. Şebnem BURNAZ  ITU Department of Management Engineering

Prof. Dr. Oktay TAŞ ITU Department of Management Engineering

Prof. Dr. Erk HACIHASANOĞLU Abdullah Gul University, Faculty of Managerial Sciences, Dean 

Prof. Dr. Emre ÇEVİKCAN ITU Department of Management Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Dr Başar ÖZTAYŞİ ITU Department of Management Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Dr Dilay ÇELEBİ  ITU Department of Management Engineering

Dr. Özgür ÖZTÜRK : ITU Department of Management Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Dr Sezi Çevik ONAR ITU Department of Management Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Dr Tolga KAYA ITU Department of Management Engineering

Non-thesis Master of Business Administration (MBA) is now accepting applications for term 3.

Please click for the academic calendar. 

Undergraduate Programs: Non-thesis MBA and Thesis MBA


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Academic Staff: Academic staff responsible for related programs of Istanbul Technical University