Hello everyone.


ITU-TRNC Campus is a young institution with a legal entity, whose foundation has been laid as an extension of Istanbul Technical University, a well-established education and research university with nearly 250 years of background. ITU-TRNC Campus, just like ITU, which was established as the Mühendishane-i Bahr-i Hümayun (Imperial Marine Engineering Center) in 1773, started giving education by establishing the departments of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.


In the coming days, ITU-TRNC will focus on completing the campus construction rapidly and accelerating its growth by increasing the diversity in education and training programs. While our university continues to develop, it aims to contribute primarily to the making of Cyprus a “science island” and its social, economic and cultural development.


Our mission, as ITU-TRNC, is to raise dynamic, qualified, creative, participatory and self-confident graduates ready for globally intense competitive conditions. Our vision is to continue our education, training, and research activities, first as a local university and then as a world university.


Our principles regarding education are to have graduates who "have learned how to learn, can compete with their colleagues in a global world, have mastered advanced technology, have advanced research skills, have strong social relations, are beneficial to humanity, and have professional ethics".


Dear Students,


Within the framework of the mission, vision and principles mentioned above, we are looking forward to guiding you to become confident graduates who can compete with the world. When you become a student at ITU-TRNC, you will benefit from all social, cultural, education, training, and research opportunities of Istanbul Technical University, and, you will receive its diploma when you graduate. You will be able to benefit from all social and technical facilities both in Northern Cyprus and in Istanbul.


If you want to be a well-equipped and sought-after graduate and to lead a successful student life, we are waiting for you to ITU-TRNC.


Many greetings and love to everyone.




Prof. Dr. Cumali KINACI was born in Erkenek Town of Doğanşehir District, Malatya, in 1957. He studied at Malatya Turan Emeksiz (1972-1974) and İzmir Atatürk High School (1974-1975).


He received his Bachelor’s Degree (1980), Master’s Degree (1982) and Doctorate (1987) from İstanbul Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering. He became an associate professor in 1992 and a professor in 2003 in the Department of Environmental Technology.


He worked as an assistant between 1981and 1992 in Civil Faculty Environmental Engineering Department at Istanbul Technical University, and then he continued his career there as an assistant professor from 1992 to 1993 and an associate professor between 1993and 2003. He became a professor in the field of Environmental Engineering in 2003. He did post doctorate for six months in 1990 at The University of New Jersey-Rutgers in the USA.


He carried out many research activities in subjects such as water and wastewater treatment technologies, design and operating principles of infrastructure systems, and engineering economics. He published articles in more than 150 national and international journals. As of September 2020, his 50 articles published in internationally reputable journals were cited 905 times (h = 15) according to Web of Science and 972 times (h = 16) according to Scopus. He worked as a referee for around 20 foreign journals.


He was the supervisor of 11 doctorate (3 with co-advisors) and 42 master theses. He taught more than 20 different courses at undergraduate and graduate levels in 4 different universities. He served as the Head of ITU Environmental Engineering Department (2003 - 2010) and a Member of the Board of Directors of the Civil Engineering Faculty (1998-2003). He worked as an executive in 11 research projects and as a researcher in around 20 research projects. He wrote chapters for 5 Turkish books. He also participated in the planning and design of many large-scale infrastructure projects.


Prof. Dr. KINACI, who was appointed as the Rector of ITU Northern Cyprus as of September 2020, is married with two children.


- For detailed information on Prof. Cumali KINACI’s resume click on the following link: CV

Establishment: Istanbul Technical University was founded in 1773 with the name Mühendishane-i Bahr-i Hümâyun (The Imperial School of Naval Engineering).


Opening: ITU North Cyprus began English preparatory education at the Famagusta Campus in the 2011-2012 Academic Year.


Campus: The Famagusta Campus is on a 45 acre land. It includes 10 new buildings and 6 old monuments.


Students: As of the 2020-2021 Academic Year, the number of students has reached 473.


Logo: The word “ITU” is written with the corporate writing font Republic. The “Bee Logo” is framed with an ellipse which has the words “Istanbul Technical University” written in it and at the bottom the words “North Cyprus” are written in one color.


Texture: The logo was formed on the basis of the honeycomb which represents infinite repetition.


Color: Tones of navy and gold form the basis of the corporate identity.


Motto: "Her zaman (n+1)'inci nesil üniversite"