ITU-TRNC Famagusta Campus, just 600 meters away from the Famagusta Port, is found on the point where the historical city walls meet the city center. The campus also hosts some important buildings with historical and cultural values. The area which had been used as the government hospital for over half a century is at an important location between the closed Varosha area and the central city walls. The School of Foreign Languages and Rectorate buildings are located on the Famagusta Campus.

For the 2016-2017 Academic Year, our university signed an agreement with the Sinemis and Evolve Park Student Dormitories for our SFL students and thus helped our students in terms of accommodation.


The ITU-TRNC Yeni Erenköy Campus includes two valleys which open towards the north east and the two coves which are found on the tip of these valleys. The campus which is five minutes away from Yeni Erenköy’s center is mostly made up of forestland.

The mapping, site investigations, strategic and urban planning projects for the Yeni Erenköy Campus have been completed. The campus has been designed with the principle of protecting the trees that are currently on the land. The Rectorate building, administrative units, student center, cafeteria, market, guest housing and 1st stage infrastructure project studies have been planned to be the first ones to start. Yeni Erenköy Campus which is planned to have a 7000 student capacity is planned to be the main campus of the university.


ITU-TRNC Continuing Education Center (SEM) aims to build a bridge between the university and business world by providing all kinds of educational opportunities essential in individual and sectorial fields to our public, institutions and organizations with its team of instructors that are expert in their fields, technological equipment and a modern physical structure.

Our center shares constantly improving and changing information in the fields of science, technology and industries with institutions and organizations with the aim of helping people from all ages and all fields to embrace the concept of “Lifelong Learning”.

Along with Individual and Corporate, Long and Short-period training programs, the Center offers programs, conferences and seminars held by experienced individuals to people who are ready to enter the business world and improve themselves.

All training programs have been created to juxtapose theory and practice. At the end of the training, the participants are given a Participation Document or Certificate based on the content of the training.

Establishment: Istanbul Technical University was founded in 1773 with the name Mühendishane-i Bahr-i Hümâyun (The Imperial School of Naval Engineering).


Opening: ITU North Cyprus began English preparatory education at the Famagusta Campus in the 2011-2012 Academic Year.


Campus: The Famagusta Campus is on a 45 acre land. It includes 10 new buildings and 6 old monuments.


Logo: The word “ITU” is written with the corporate writing font Republic. The “Bee Logo” is framed with an ellipse which has the words “Istanbul Technical University” written in it and at the bottom the words “North Cyprus” are written in one color.


Texture: The logo was formed on the basis of the honeycomb which represents infinite repetition.


Color: Tones of navy and gold form the basis of the corporate identity.


Motto: "Her zaman (n+1)'inci nesil üniversite"