Ayazağa Campus, being the main campus, is located in the Maslak region which is now the new business and trade center.


Stretching over a 247-hectare area, Ayazağa campus hosts Rectorate and Administrative Units along with 8 of 13 faculties and 4 of 5 institutes. The Mustafa Inan Centre Library, Culture and Art Union, Sports Union and the 75th Year Student Social Centre are busy spots of this campus.


There are 576 student-capacity “Gölet Dorms” consisting of 12 blocks, 1424 student-capacity “Vadi Dorms” consisting of 4 blocks, 384 student-capacity “Ayazağa Dorms for Girls” consisting of 3 blocks, and 220 student-capacity “Arı, Gök ve Verda Üründül Dorms” that offer our students a quality of life beyond the standards.



Tuzla Campus is located in Istanbul’s Tuzla district along the Marmara Sea. ITU’s Mediterranean and Seismic 1 Vessels are also located at this coast. With its 16.5- hectare area, Tuzla Campus hosts Maritime Faculty with a training pool, surrounded by modern equipments.


Public transportation vehicles from Kadıköy or Topkapı to Tuzla can be used to reach the campus.







ITU Campuses in city center carry the traces of Ottoman history. Taşkışla Campus is one of them and it is located in Taksim. The building there is an Ottoman barrack designed in the Renaissance style.

Faculty of Architecture, Institute of Social Sciences, School of Fine Arts and ITUSEM Continuing Education Center, ITU Development Foundation, and city center offices of the Rectorate are located at Taşkışla Campus.

You can reach the campus by using public transport vehicles, Taksim-Hacı Osman metro line and Kabataş-Taksim Funicular line.



Along with the Taşkışla Campus, Gümüşsuyu Campus is located in the Taksim region which has been the most significant trade and culture center of Istanbul during the 19th century and is continuing to carry out the same function today. The campus hosts Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, along with an indoor sports facility and an outdoor sports area.

Dormitories for females and males composing of 2 blocks with a 286-student capacity, offer students a quality of life beyond standards. To reach the Campus, public transportation vehicles can be used. You can get to Taksim by using Taksim-Hacı Osman metro line or Kabataş-Taksim funicular line.



Faculty of Management, English Preparation School, Language and History of Revolution Department, Turkish Music Conservatory, ITU Foundation Offices and ITU Social Facilities are found at the Maçka Campus. ITU Social Facilities service area offers a hotel, a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts to local and foreign visitors.

The campus has a Kinder garden and Day Care Center belonging to the University. The cable car operating between Taşkışla and Maçka campuses provide ITU students a very important utility.

Faculty /Institute: 19


Campus: 5


Student: 25.000


Instructor: 2.200


Professor: 430


International Accreditation: ABET, EUA, NAAB, IMO


Eduacation in English Language: %100


Double major, double minor and exchange opportunities


Library: Open 7/24