İTÜ’de 2018 Yıl Sonu Toplantısı

Istanbul Technical University evaluated the year 2018 with an end year meeting. During the meeting, new projects were discussed in unity. Hosted by ITU Rector Office, Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet KARACA shared the projects which continue according to the 2017-2021 strategic plan and the ones which will take place in 2019 with the ITU family. He said that ITU has been forming our country’s future for 245 years. ITU North Cyprus Rector Prof. Dr. Ercan KAHYA also joined the meeting.


Rector KARACA pointed out the importance of counselling which is being operated by ITU. He stated that because of counselling and career counselling lessons, which actualized last year and had more than 70 percent of success, barrier between academicians and students disappeared. KARACA said ‘as a university, we are taking responsibility to make academic counselling successful. We need to move on with the understanding of the relationship between learner and teacher, and the future of transferring models. We are aiming to prepare students to university life, work life and to the life itself by considering their changing talents and interests’.


KARACA stated that works and studies are performed in ITU departments about the research background and database. He set the goal of obtaining high quality results from the scientific research. He also reminded that ITU is at the top about the research output and stated his belief about the fact that in the future, ITU will reach more qualified output with the restructured eco system.


Rector also emphasized the importance of academic publications, which were 1600 in 2013 to 2000 articles in 2018. With this in mind, the Rector argued that the university is going to focus on scientific output and that half of the publications carried out should concentrate on qualified and meritable research.


The Rector further discussed the data regarding the ecosystem of university and business life and gave information about research firms at ITU ARI Teknokent, in which it has become a cooperation model for many companies. He shared his ideas by saying “At ITU ARI Teknokent, the number of Ar-Ge companies have reached to 303. 79 of these firms are academically-qualified firms. The 126 of 715 projects belong to academic firms.


Apart from these projects, ITU academicians also provide supervisions to other 281 projects. As of 2012, which was the year ITU ARI Teknokent was established, it produced more than 272 million dollars of AR-GE export and 40 million dollars in 2017. The number of students increased from 592 to 1080 in 2018 and this number is 1/3 of the students at Teknokent. Therefore, ITU ARI Teknokent is one of the best places integrating and encouraging young scholars to research, and this is further supported by the doubling of internship opportunities.


Rector Karaca also stated that 2018 was a year of national and international success. This success stemmed from individual achievement but above all, it is the result of collaborative-work culture we have. He finally concluded “I wish everybody in ITU a healthy, happy and successful new year”.


At the end of the meeting, people who retired from ITU received their plaquettes and those who fulfilled their 30th and 40th year(s) in ITU received their certificates. Immediately after, souvenir photos were taken. The event was continued with ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory’s (ITMSC) performance and concluded with offerings of food and drink at the foyer area.



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