ITU MEDEK New Year Cocktail Was Held

Istanbul Technical University Graduates Association - Cyprus (ITU MEDEK) New Year’s Cocktail Party was held at Nicosia Bedesten on December 19, 2018. The Nicosia Municipality Orchestra took the stage that night for many ITU graduates that gathered at Bedesten.


The mayor of Nicosia Mehmet HARMANCI, National Unity Party General President Ersin TATAR and ITU-TRNC Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Serdar KUM attended the evening, which started with ITU MEDEK Board Chairman Hilmi KANSU’s opening speech. Reminding ITU’s 245 years full of pioneering steps, KANSU expressed his belief in the continuation of ITU’s achievements in the Northern Cyprus Campuses. KANSU mentioned that as ITU MEDEK Board, they had a very productive and successful year and talked about the scholarships that they provide to students and their other activities. Wishing that 2019 may bring peace and beauty to the world and to our country; KANSU thanked to all those who took part in the preparations of the party and to ITU MEDEK family who participated in the evening.


ITU Faculty of Architecture 1959 Alumni, Master Architect-Engineer Ayer KAŞİF was presented with a plaque of honour for the 60th anniversary of his graduation by National Unity Party General President Ersin TATAR. TATAR talked about the works and the services of KAŞİF to our country and said that KAŞİF, who is still actively working and producing in his field, is an exemplar for the new generation and the pride of our country. TATAR wished KAŞİF success in the years ahead.


In his speech, Ayer KAŞİF said that the secret of success lies in being in constant competition with the world, being committed to continuous learning, following the innovations, and targeting the best. He advised younger generations to do their job with love and to target lifelong development.


Following KAŞİF’s speech, the director of GEFSİ Exchange Office and ITU MEDEK bursar Gökhan Naim’s mother Nurten NAİM was presented with a plaque by the Mayor of Nicosia, Mehmet HARMANCI for her contribution to the ‘Erdoğan NAİM Memorial Scholarship’’ which has been given for the past 2 years in memory of the deceased ITU graduate certified engineer Erdoğan NAİM. HARMANCI mentioned the valuable services of NAİM Family for our country and our people and thanked for their contribution to the education of young generations.


The evening at the historic and magical atmosphere of Bedesten was filled with enjoyable moments and fond memories.



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