Living with Cancer and Recent Developments in Cancer Panel Was Held

Living with Cancer and Recent Developments in Cancer Panel was held on March 6, 2019 at CIU Çevik URAZ Central Conference Hall with the collaboration of ITU-TRNC Education Research Campuses (ITU-TRNC) and Cyprus International University (CIU).


Panel was organized with the contributions of Cancer Research Foundation (KAV) and CIU Biotechnology Research Center and moderated by Bayrak Radio Television Corporation Director Aysu BASRİ AKTER. ITU-TRNC Health Sciences Advisor to the Rector Dr. Gülsen MERAL, Prof. Dr. İsmail TORÖZ from Istanbul Technical University, Prof. Dr. Mustafa CAMGÖZ and Dr Ömer DİKER from CIU were the panelists.


Environmental pollution and cancer, cancer and nutrition, frequently asked questions about cancer, false facts about cancer and a recent development in cancer were the topics that were discussed during the panel attended by ITU-TRNC personnel. After the presentations, panelists answered the questions from audience.


At the end of the panel, CIU Rector Prof. Dr. Halil NADİRİ and ITU-TRNC Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Serdar KUM presented plaques to the panelists.


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